You graduated! Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve completed a major milestone in your life. You are now stepping out into the business world with a degree in hand to find a job. The competition for employment is fierce so you need to take advantage of every resource. 92 percent of recruiters use social media for hiring, and 55 percent have reconsidered a candidate based on their social media profile. With more recruiters making decisions based off social media profiles, your LinkedIn profile picture, or a professional headshot in general, is crucial.

One chance to make a first impression with your LinkedIn profile picture

“Never judge a book by its cover” is not the reality in the cruel world of job searching. Every college graduate is judged by the way they look—especially when it comes to job interviews, networking and connecting on social media sites like LinkedIn. You only have ONE chance to make your best first impression. Your LinkedIn profile picture and headshot can make or break that first impression.

You need to tell a good story through your picture. Your eyes should portray confidence and authenticity. Your clothing can make you look passionate about your career or apathetic. A selfie—just don’t go there! BUT… a professional headshot can convey professionalism, confidence and personality to potential employers before you even meet them. Your photo is your visual brand, and companies will remember your face more than your name.

Brand matters

When recruiters and employers are considering new hires, they are also thinking about how you would represent their company. They want people who will positively represent their brand. A college graduate who applies for a position with a LinkedIn picture in a t-shirt and jeans is not going to be a serious candidate.

Start off on the right foot

Your network is key in finding a job, and people are more likely to accept or investigate a profile if it has an appealing and professional photo. College is the last step before you are thrown into the adult world, and jobs don’t come looking for you. Start off on the right foot by putting your best best face forward. Oh, and congratulations on that degree!

KeliComm Headshots
Madeline’s father gave her a headshot session when she graduated from Macalester College.
KeliComm Headshots
Peter totally gets the importance of brand. Wrapping up his junior year at St. Thomas, he got a jump on his career with this terrific headshot!
KeliComm Headshots
I photographed Kyle during his college internship with one of our corporate clients. You can be sure that he now has an edge on his classmates in the job market!


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