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KeliComm HeadshotsSome days are just too good not to share. First, I presented to the Schwan’s Professional Women’s Network about cultivating their brand. Perhaps the best part of the experience was that I was invited to join them at the first event of the year by our client Amy Breidenbach Green. I photographed Amy’s headshots three years ago, and we hit it off immediately. We’ve stayed in touch, shared connections, shared wine & dinner, and basically have become good friends. Now that’s a fringe benefit that cannot be quantified, because the value is beyond measure.

And the whole group at Schwan’s was simply awesome. In particular: Kelly, who introduced me, and Terri, who set up the whole presentation and handled all of the technology, including broadcasting out to the Schwan’s team outside of the Metro area. It wasn’t until I got back to my office that it occurred to me that I handed my jump drive to Terri with no explanation and within seconds, it just showed up on the screen ready to rock ‘n roll. And then!!! I get an email with this feedback about today’s presentation:

  • “I really needed to be reminded of these important principles and raise self awareness.”
  • “Perfect timing as I think about what I want to do next in my career and how I may be perceived.”
  • “I loved every minute for my own development.  It also reminded me how important it is to help my teenage sons to be self-aware.”

So that’s a good day, right? Well, then… I got this next email from our client Len, who’s headshots I photographed on Saturday. Len had originally booked a session with us last fall but had to cancel. I was delighted when he rescheduled, and even more delighted to get this amazing shot of him. As I told Len, these shots don’t come without commitment from the person in front of the camera—that being Len himself. I absolutely LOVE this picture of him. It totally captures his personality. But the icing on the cake is when he said in his email, “I was blown away by the photos, wow!!  You can see, I’ve already posted on LinkedIn, it looks great!”

LenNow please don’t misinterpret — I’m not gloating! I just feel so fortunate to have clients that come away from their experience with us feeling this good about themselves. And it doesn’t happen by magic. It happens because they are committed to the result, and because I have an amazing team who helps make it all happen. Tonya is unconditionally the best retoucher I have ever experienced. Our studio assistant and all of our other business partners make it possible to get results like this.

So allow me to just enjoy the end to an amazing day 🙂





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