This won’t be a very long blog. I’m just going to say it straight — whatever you do, please do not use the new photo filters on LinkedIn. The social media platform that has built itself up as the number-one place to do business has added all sorts of quirky filters in the spirit of those found on Instagram.

But Instagram is Instagram, right? Instagram was one of the first to roll out a variety of filters, and those sort of effects fit there. Filters are Facebook photo-friendly too. But LinkedIn is where you want to look your most authentic. When you have a headshot session with KeliComm, our priority is to capture your brand AND make you look as genuine and authentic as possible, not a filtered version of you.

LinkedIn’s Six New Photo Filters

For those of you in doubt… just check it out the six filters you can now apply to your LinkedIn profile picture, and you can decide if it’ll help or hurt your brand after you’ve had a great headshot session at KeliComm:

  • Spotlight filter: This increases contrast and brightness. You don’t need to do this with our pictures.
  • Prime filter: This washes out the original colors of the photo for a “moody” effect. You definitely don’t need to do this.
  • Studio filter: This will add a heavy contrast to your already studio-quality headshot. Don’t mess with the real thing.
  • Classic filter: Why cover up in black-and-white? My job is to portray you in beautiful living color.
  • Edge filter: I guess “edge” means highlighting bags under the eyes for a somber “Edgar Allen Poe” effect. Hmm. No. We don’t do that here.
  • Luminate filter: This is supposed to soften your face from the original picture. But why bother with this one as well when we’ve already taken care of that in reality?

Social media photo filters were meant to enhance off-the-cuff iPhone shots bound for Instagram or Facebook – not your professional profile picture on LinkedIn. And that picture is something we take very seriously. 

Our retouching process takes great care in ensuring that you look 100 percent like yourself, not a “Photoshopped” or “filtered” version of yourself. Our retouchers are THE best in the industry.

So whether your image is a KeliComm headshot or another photo of you, keep it real folks!

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