LinkedIn Headshots for the Jeremiah Program


This past week I had the privilege of taking LinkedIn headshots for recipients, residents and graduates of the Jeremiah Program. What a great organization with an amazing mission. They are a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that uses a holistic approach to transform families from poverty to prosperity. “Through support for a career-track college education, safe and affordable housing, quality early childhood education and empowerment and life skills training, Jeremiah Program prepares determined single mothers to succeed in the workforce, readies their children to succeed in school, and reduces generational dependence on public assistance.”

Below are just a few of the LinkedIn headshots we got. I’ll be excited to see them used on LinkedIn and hear how they help these talented and hard-working women reach their career goals. It was so rewarding to see their expressions when they previewed their images during the session. My favorite comment was, “Wow, I had no idea I could look so good in a picture!”

To make it easier for the residents, we went to the Minneapolis campus for the photo shoot. As luck would have it, there was Twins game that night on top of tons of road construction. Even so, we were able to set up all of our photo equipment in short order and still get beautiful images of some wonderful ladies. Angel is an alumna, Lisa is the volunteer coordinator for the program, and LaTanya is currently enrolled in the program.

Thank you, Lisa and Meghan (volunteer manager), for the opportunity to help these deserving women! And thank you to my husband, Greg, for acting as photo assistant the night of the shoot 🙂

KeliComm LinkedIn Headshots


KeliComm LinkedIn Headshots


KeliComm LinkedIn Headshots

Update September 20, 2015: Just received this nice note from the Jeremiah Program. “We were incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity and look forward to any future work with you. Thank you again for … getting all these photos out to our residents. They all looked amazing!” A pleasure to work with such appreciative people.

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