KeliComm selected among thousands of headshot photographers


I couldn’t be more proud to have been named an Associate of this select group from more than 4,000 headshot photographers in 102 countries. What an honor! We were so excited by the news that we issued a News Release (131210_NEWS RELEASE_Ph2Pro)¬†with some of the details. And we are the ONLY photography studio in Minnesota to achieve this status! I have to give credit to my amazing clients. For those of you who have worked with me, you know that capturing a great headshot is about much more than just standing in front of the camera. To get a great headshot, I ask my clients to work with me–and work they do! It’s all about being authentic. While we do work hard at finding the best and most flattering angle and body position for our clients, there’s no posing when it comes to expression.

It’s all about capturing the authentic personality and professional persona of our clients! And for those who are willing to jump in, have fun, and show their true selves, those are the ones who walk away with images that are authentic, genuine and impactful. So, thank you, to all of my clients who work with me to ensure that they walk out the door with an amazing headshot. I want to especially thank Peter Hurley, who is the genius behind Ph2Pro. I have been working with Peter and this community of professional headshot photographers from around the globe for over a year. It has been such a privilege to work with the best headshot photographer in the country, and probably the world. Peter gives selflessly of his time and expertise. I would not be the headshot photographer I am today without him. Below are some of our clients who “knocked it out of the park” in front of the lens and helped KeliComm achieve this status.

KeliComm Headshots Collage

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