After spending more than 25 years in corporate communications, my comfort zone is working with business professionals, which helps me put them at ease. I’ve coached CEOs and executives in their communications. I’ve prepped executives to speak to thousands of employees and helped them communicate with constituents and present themselves in a way that exudes confidence, trust and approachability. I can now apply those same skills to making them look great in front of the camera.

Throughout my career, I was fortunate to participate in countless hours of professional photography education, seminars and workshops all over the country. But the pivotal point for my headshot photography was being mentored and coached by the world’s best headshot photographer, Peter Hurley. Here’s a little more about that journey. The pinnacle was when I was named an Associate of Peter Hurley. I could not be more proud to be associated with this master photographer, who so generously shares his expertise in the coaching of others.