Even if you try to maintain a similar image for yourself year after year, it’s still a good idea to update your professional headshot. The reason is simple: you change.

Styles change, and you age – yes, even after one short year or two. Your hair might be longer or shorter or a different color altogether. If you’re a guy, you might have grown facial hair or opted for a clean-shaven look. If you’ve been promoted, you might be wearing higher-end clothing at work. And who knows, the outfits you wore last year might not fit as well due to weight loss (or gain).

Of course, you’ll want these surface changes reflected in your profile pictures. Just think: If you meet someone for the first time, and they have your LinkedIn photo up on their smartphone – would they recognize you? If not, update that headshot. Mike, one of our repeat customers, knew he needed to book another session with us after about 18 months of dramatic weight loss (and he looks great!) Take a look. Chances are that you are a different person inside than you were two years ago. A new image should reflect that “new” you!

When you’re promoted or have advanced in your career, you’re not only going to be wearing a different wardrobe… you will feel differently inside as a VP than as a director. Or maybe you’re now an entrepreneur and have shed that corporate persona. We want to best capture what is happening for you emotionally as well as in your appearance. Jamie has been promoted into a broader role with more responsibility, and her hair is longer and a totally different color. She wanted a new image that reflects her new look and her new professional role!

Keeping It Fresh Will Strengthen Your Brand

Again, even if your look has not changed much, a two-year-old headshot is plain-old stale. People who have seen that same image of you over and over on your website or floating around social media would love to see a fresh look. It’s all part of the allure. And an alluring-you will definitely help strengthen your brand.

Strong brands always keep it interesting. And what’s more impactful than showing the world a “new you,” whatever that may be, as a little time passes?

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