With her infectious smile and warm personality, Meg Miller made an immediate, positive impact on me. From the moment she walked in the door for her headshot session we connected. I’m often fortunate to have a photoshoot that inspires me. Meg’s session was particularly relevant and inspiring. 

As her headshot session went on, it became apparent she is driven by an immense passion to help people. With the inception of her new business, Critical Next Step, Meg created a company to help people plan their personal affairs with compassion and professionalism. She has clearly found her calling. If you are not sure where to start such a conversation, Meg is an excellent guide. She will help you navigate through such topics as: Pre-Planning for Your Estate, Personal Affairs Managers (PAMs), End of Life Planning and Financial Overview—encompassing a multitude of topics.

A Shared Bond

Since my father is 95 years old, and still lives at home in northern Minnesota, her mission has special meaning for me. Helping people to transition to later stages in their lives is a sensitive business. But there is no one more suited for such delicate management than Meg. Her father is 87 years old and also living independently. This shared experience gave us a common bond. The more I meet people, the more I am convinced we are meant to connect with certain people in our lives. People we may not even know we need.

Since her headshot session, Meg has been kind enough to talk with me multiple times about the delicate journey we travel with aging parents. Perhaps the best words she shared with me were, “We are powerless over the aging process, as are they,” but we can still be supportive and helpful, as we work to accept where our parents are at this point in their lives.

Meg’s Testimonial

Thank you, Meg, for sharing this review about your session. I am delighted to know it was a good experience for you. Read more testimonials from our clients.

“In the past when I got a formal headshot, it was usually a bit unnerving. It’s amazing the amount of decisions that need to be made: appropriate clothing, jewelry, hair, and makeup. I would spend more time wondering if I chose the ‘right’ style to give the ‘right’ image or should I bother with a collar, buttons or a sweater or blouse? Jen guided me every step of the way.

“This photo opportunity turned into an adventure. Prior to my headshot, I talked with Jen on the phone going over the preparation guidelines. I learned I could bring a few outfits and could have a make-up artist apply the right touch.

“When I arrived for the big event, it was a warm introduction when I met Jen in person. Her stylist was delightful. Jen helped me select three choices of clothing to go with the nine headshots I received in my professional package. These photographs cover my social media, speaking engagements, other events and activities as well as my printed materials.

“This was a big win and a lot of fun. We talked and laughed and I felt any stress that lingered flow out of me. As a result, I was relaxed enough to let my personality show up on the camera. Jen captured my best self and I love all my options. KeliComm is the way to go!” ~Meg

KeliComm Headshot session with Critical Next Step owner
Million-dollar smile on point!









KeliComm Headshots with Critical Next Step
Meg exudes warmth and compassion.




KeliComm Headshot Session with Critical Next Step owner
A variety of images help Meg span her social platforms.









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