Perfect holiday gift

Still looking for the perfect holiday gift — give the gift of a professional headshot. Last May, I got a call from a gentleman in California wanting to schedule a headshot session. I was confused by the caller-id showing up as California until Joel explained more. His daughter Madeline was about to graduate from Macalester, and he wanted her to launch her career on the right foot. So he was calling to book a headshot session as a graduation gift. Oh my gosh, Madeline was adorable. We got so many beautiful photos of her and laughed a ton. She certainly had a “leg up” with her LinkedIn profile over other graduates who were still posting college selfies.

So this year, we added Gift Cards to our portfolio. You can now purchase a gift card in any denomination to give a headshot session to the college grad, someone in transition who needs that extra edge on LinkedIn, or just someone who needs to ramp up their brand. Just email or call, and we’ll issue the gift card on the spot. We can mail it to the recipient or keep it at the studio until their session. gift-card

We would absolutely love to help more college grads get their careers off on the best foot with a new LinkedIn profile photo.

Order a Headshot Gift Card today!

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