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Giving back to the community is a big part of our brand. Over the years, I have been fortunate to work with and be a part of many awesome organizations. Very early in my career, I remember donating business clothes to Dress for Success Twin Cities. Now, I’m honored to be able to give Dress for Success Twin Cities recipients the gift of professional headshots. Our mission at KeliComm Headshots is to capture the brand of our clients. It was so rewarding to work with Dress for Success recipients Diana and Lynette and hear firsthand their stories. During our time together while capturing their headshots for the Dress for Success Twin Cities program, I learned about the adversity these two women have overcome in their lives and the lessons they have learned from Dress for Success. And now they both have professional LinkedIn Profile pictures they can also use on their LinkedIn profiles.

Dress for Success Twin Cities recently held their annual fundraising event—the 7th Annual Sweet Success Luncheon. At the annual event recipients of Dress for Success services share their stories about how Dress for Success has helped them in their careers, or how it has helped a family member and thus impacted their lives. Diana and Lynette spoke about their personal experiences.

These are two incredibly brave women. They overcame amazing adversity in their lives and had the courage to stand up in front of an audience of hundreds of people to tell their stories.


KeliComm Giving Back

Dress for Success recipient Diana

Diana has been a client at Dress for Success since 2012 and has successfully completed every program offered.

Diana believes Dress for Success Twin Cities gave her back her future. She is currently working at DaVita Clinical Research, a job she secured in 2012 after graduating from the Dress for Success employment readiness program.





KeliComm Giving Back

Dress for Success recipient Lynette

Lynette is the daughter of a Dress for Success Twin Cities’ client. She watched her mom complete every program and saw firsthand what it means to change a woman from the inside out. She has taken what her mother taught her from those classes and implemented the lessons into her own life. She completed her Associate of Science degree and is currently the Director of Catering at Embassy Suites.

Thank you, Dress for Success, for the opportunity to be a part of your terrific organization.


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