In several previous blogs, I’ve talked about the importance of updating your headshot if you’ve lost weight, got a new haircut, decided to ditch the glasses for contact lenses or experienced any other sort of noticeable change in appearance. Even if you haven’t changed that much physically, if you’ve gotten a new job or promotion or decided to go into business for yourself, an updated headshot is also in order. You want your image to reflect your new professional position.

Remember: Your headshot is your brand. You might feel that you’ve not changed at all in the course of the two years since your last headshot with me — but trust me, you have. As time passes by, your looks and attitude will change and mature along with your brand.

And while all of this is important to consider during photo sessions at KeliComm, once in awhile, I will get a client who has experienced all of these things and then some at once — a major life change.

When it’s time for an update

I first photographed Dee in 2014 for her professional headshot. She came in for a redo this past July. The big motivator for Dee was that she not only had lost some weight but also had just landed a fabulous new job. It had been a long search to find just the right fit that would fully capitalize on her skills and background. Dee told me that she truly feels that she has arrived professionally and is in a role where she can really make difference.

Looking at Dee’s images between then and now, you can see how much she has changed since 2014. Her hair style is more polished, her makeup is softer and her posture exudes more confidence than the “before Dee.” This session is a great example of how we can capture someone’s major shift personally and professionally.

Celebrate your professional growth

No matter what level of change you’ve experienced, your new headshot should be everywhere – social media (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, LinkedIn is especially important to keep updated), your website, company newsletters, media clips, and—most importantly—in the minds of your current and potential clients and colleagues.

As Melissa Dawn, founder of CEO of Your Life, wrote on her column for “Headshots are a powerful branding opportunity. To attract the right people and opportunities for you, all aspects of your brand—including your headshot—must be aligned with your inner truth. You will attract clients you will love working with.”


Dee 2014



Dee 2018

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