Capturing professional brand with CEO Headshots


KeliComm CEO HeadshotWe recently had the honor of doing a CEO headshot and portrait session with Guy Mingo, CEO of Marsden Holding, LLC in St Paul. I read up on Guy to prepare for our session, and I was amazed and fascinated by his story.

Guy Mingo, CEO Marsden Holding, LLC

Guy quit high school at the age of 16 to work at a convenience store in north Minneapolis. A few years later, he joined Mardsen Building Maintenance at the urging of his then girlfriend and now wife, Patsy.  Over the course of his career, he worked his way straight to the top of the company, and as CEO, he now leads one of the largest privately-owned facility service providers in the United States.

He believes in working hard and thinking BIG! His commitment to helping his employees along their career path was evident as we talked, much like the opportunities he was given early on at Mardsen. A humble man, he attributes much of his success to his mentor and Marsden founder, Skip Marsden.

When I told him that my husband said, “this seems like a great place to work,” Guy responded, “Be careful, we might just sign him up before you leave.” He has created a corporate culture where every employee has training opportunities to reach their career goals. With strong performance, they can go from cleaner to executive, just like he did.

Part of his charm is that he married his middle-school sweetheart, Patsy. They have three adult kids. Though he continues to work to fulfill his long-term vision of growth for Marsden Holding, he also cherishes the time he now gets to spend with his grandchildren.

In 2006, Guy was featured in Twin Cities Business Magazine, and in 2011, at only 51-years-old, he was inducted into the Minnesota Business Hall of Fame. Guy Mingo embodies the “American dream”—what an inspiration!

Capturing Authenticity

I so enjoyed the time I spent with Guy. As he shared his story with me, I know we captured his authentic self—relaxed, confident, driven and very humble. In showing her the proofs, his assistant, Carole, said “Wow, you captured his genuine smile. I don’t believe we’ve ever been able to do that!” She would know. It was such a pleasure to work with Guy and the Marsden team.

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