Authentic headshots capture authentic leaders


Penny-George KeliComm HeadshotPenny George, board chair of the George Family Foundation in Minneapolis, came to the studio earlier this summer for headshots, and we got some beautiful photos of her for their Foundation website. I was so happy with the outcome of her headshot session. In talking with her throughout our time together, I could feel her warmth, and I readily saw it in her final headshot. When Penny mentioned that her husband, Bill George, would be launching a new book this summer, I mentioned that an updated headshot would be a good idea. I admit, however, that I was nervous when Bill booked his headshot session: as Medtronic’s former CEO and Harvard Law Professor, Bill is the master of authentic leadership.

When I have public speaking engagements about cultivating one’s authentic brand, I often refer to Bill George. I believe completely in his philosophy on being an authentic leader and finding your True North. What I love about Bill’s leadership philosophy is that it is all about authenticity, which is the basis of our photography practice. I believe when everyone leaves our studio, their headshot should be as authentic as possible. Bill’s leadership philosophy is that you can only be a good leader if you are true to yourself and authentic in how you lead.

Bill George KeliComm HeadshotClients tell me repeatedly that the reason they chose our studio is because of the authenticity of our work. It’s not unusual for me to hear after-the-fact things like, “my mom told me that you totally captured the real me.” Or even during the session, someone will say, “my husband will absolutely love that picture. It’s so me.” It’s those comments from our headshot clients that make my job so rewarding. That is always my goal – to capture the authentic essence of everyone who comes in for a professional headshot.

During Bill’s session we captured about a half dozen different looks that he could use in multiple venues. This one is perhaps my favorite. It captures his gracious yet direct style, which made him so easy to work with. We totally worked as a team in selecting his wardrobe and his final headshots. Congratulations, Bill, on the launch of Discovering Your True North.


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