KeliComm named entrepreneur of the month!

Thank you Women Venture for naming KeliComm entrepreneur of the month and Talk 107.1 for telling our story.
How fun is this–you can hear our story by clicking play below!


When I decided to launch KeliComm several years ago, I reached out to all of my trusted advisors. I knew I had much to learn from those who had done this before me. Christy Eichers was one of those friends. Christy had successfully launched Regreet, a few years before I launched my business. One of her most valuable pieces of advice was to work with Women Venture.

I started working with Women Venture almost immediately. My consultant, Amy Keegan, was a terrific resource. She helped me put together a business plan, financial forecasts and marketing materials in preparation for my business launch. I met with Amy regularly during the planning phase of my business launch. She kept me grounded, gave me candid feedback and made me believe that KeliComm and KeliComm Headshots was a real possibility and not just a dream.


Now, more than three years later, I am amazed at how KeliComm has taken shape. One of the best pieces of advice I received from Amy was to be open to the marketplace directing the business. As it turns out, it was the marketplace and my background that turned out to fit hand and glove. My 20+ years of corporate and executive communications experience fit beautifully with the direction my clients were pushing me–which was towards professional portraits and headshots as well as business consulting.

My clients tell me that my intimate understanding of how corporate American operates, my experience working with senior executives and my understanding of professional brand are the reasons they work with me and know that they will get a portrait that represents their character and brand. It is so rewarding to have clients walk out the door saying that their headshot is exactly what they wanted and that they had fun at the same time.

I thank Women Venture for providing the services they do and for continuing to be an invaluable resource for me and KeliComm.

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